Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are you doing anything for Hallowe'en? It's not too big in Australia, not in the overwhelming spontaneous zombie-parade way that I'd like it to be. Tomorrow though, I will probably go to the dollar store and buy a few bags of cheap candy, sit in the sun and eat until my tongue is raw.

Have an absurd day everybody.
We're heading into spring here, so it's probably time for me to stop hunting for bargain coats online and start looking into some summer dresses. Soon. Maybe tomorrow even. But for now I thought I'd share some of my favourite cold weather gear.

First up, the Donia Jacket by Quail. I love the two tone details, the cinched waist and the little hood. Available here.

This is one of my favourites, it looks both polished and playful. The Hedda Jacket by Fremont.

And finally, the Tankus trifecta! I love each one of these shapes and their rich colouring. All available at Revolve Clothing. The Tankus Modern Trench in Gold:

The Tankus Leather Jacket in Brown:

The Tankus Double Breasted Coat in Beige. Love the cosy funnel neck and as an added bonus, it comes with arm warmers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clever People Doing Smart Stuff#1

A few weeks ago when I was bored at work I googled the phrase "my boyfriend dumped me for World of Warcraft" and got exactly what I was looking for. Thousands of posts from people who had either been dumped by WoWees or were contemplating culling their partners in favour of wild trysts with Nighteleves in darkened back rooms. Kind of like Tyler Curry's piece at McSweeney's, World of Warcraft Vs. My Girlfriend.

via the probably very handsome Paul Verhoeven

There's been a lot of buzz over at BoingBoing about the Rubitone cube. It's the latest in a bunch of Pantone themed conecpts I've seen recently, though none of them are likely to ever see commercial production. Not sure why Pantone doesn't buy up these ideas...I would poke myself in the eye to have an entire set of these Pantone badges. Poking oneself in the eye is an act of true courage, and I say this even as a regular contact lens user.

You can, however, buy these Pantone themed mugs for the design dork in your life. Or you could just drink everytime you read the word Pantone in this post. Ready? Pan.......................wait for it..........................................................................TONE!

Shut it down, SHUT IT DOWN

Photo by me

I am tired and I would like very much to be tucked into bed, but I'll have to settle for falling asleep to a brand new sleep-time playlist. I especially like this song, 5 Years Time by Noah and The Whale. Maybe you know it? It's a love song, but it's very realistic all the same.

Tomorrow is the opening of the latest exhibition at The Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art here in Adelaide, where I volunteer as a Collections Assistant. I'll probably be busy putting together cheese platters, though maybe this time I'll remember to take the wax off before serving them! Anyway, the exhibition features interactive art and textile design and I'm pretty excited to see it. If you haven't been before you should come just to see the beautiful building the museum's housed in.

That's the Hawke building, designed by the fantastic John Wardle of Melbourne.
Bed time for this weasel.

eBay Finds#1

Ok, so at $400 AUD this isn't really a bargain but hot damn, that is a fine dress. (By Nicola Finetti) The auction ends in an hour but there doesn't seem to be any bidding activity and I'm confident it will be relisted. Buy it here.

Also digging this dress. I love anything with a huge scoop back, very understated yet sexy.
Available here but not for long! I expect a messy, bloody bidding war for this one.
I never thought I'd get there but The Blog (The Bleurgh, it feels like sometimes) is finally up! While I'm pretty happy to committ almost anything to print, I obsess terribly about naming things. There's a lot of pressure for, until eventually I settle for something realistic sounding. Hence the name Pretty Okay Things, which I'm Pretty Darn Okay With.

Anyway, on to the first post of importance. I'm thrilled to hear that The Sartorialist may be getting a book deal, fingers crossed it comes out in time for my birthday next year! Though I'm pretty sure it's going to cost some serious bling. Ouch.

via Fashionista