Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ooh, also!

Designed by Josef Frank and available here. I won't even bother converting those prices to dollars to see how much it costs. Hell if this here lamp and that there cupboard never end up in my living room, at least they're up here making my blog look pretty.

Clothes that hug you back. Clothes that you can build forts out of. Clothes in which you can convincingly pretend you have no arms or head. All excellent qualities. This cloak by Lindsey Thornburg looks like it would be so much fun to wear. It makes me want to jump out of trees and scare joggers.
The victory gets even sweeter! 1240 cupcakes arranged in the likeness of Barack Obama by the talented Zilly Rosen of Zillycakes. Yesterday was so exhilarating! I don't think I can go through all of that again for another 8 years. via Flickr

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Organ music and punches

It is a friend's wedding this weekend. This is the first real wedding I've been to, I guess, because I don't count the few relatives' weddings from when I was young and bored and forced to go. This time round though, I plan to live this experience to its fullest. If my toes could land where my head sits, it would be adorable and cheesy and gleeful and scandalous and messy and there may be bloodied knees and I may fall in love several times. I really can't wait! I want it to be like every wedding-themed movie that I've ever loved and never admitted to. It's out in the country, which sounds pretty, so I think I might dig out my old 35mm camera for the occasion. I can't wait to feel that click-and-whirr again.

Anyway, this is what I will be wearing. The Shannon Dress by Minkpink, $70, available online here. The print isn't like me at all, it's busy and fussy and it scares me a little. Which is also why I like it. When it's on me, it feels like I cut up my nightgown, broke out of an old folks' home, and ended up dancing in your flowerbed. I first saw it at a store when someone else handed it to the sales-lady saying it was too disco for them.