Sunday, December 21, 2008

Since no one I will be giving presents to this Christmas reads this blog, here's a preview of what some of them will be getting!

For mum and dad, because they are thinking folk. And because they just got a new HDTV and need something worthy to look at! Available at Amazon.

For my boy, who is fiendishly clever with puzzles (though maybe not so much with the ladies). I got him the Enigma puzzle which at Level 6 is meant to be pretty darn infuriating. From the clever kids at ThinkGeek.

Saw this while I was at ThinkGeek and I couldn't pass it up! This'll save the boy from having to get out of bed to turn the lights off. It comes in pieces, and half the fun will be putting together our big 3-D dinosaur puzzle.

Lovely postcards from Imke Klee. Check out her Etsy store and her very pretty blog.

If this ever arrives in time (with four days to the Grand Present Fiesta it's pretty unlikely) it'll make a swell present. The A Softer World book is a compilation of one of my favourite ever webcomics. They're truthful and fantastic and reading them just feels like instinct. Buy the book here; read the comics here.

I'm extra pleased about these plates up here! The ones I got say Mutant, Jerk, and Hussy and they're perfect for their intended recipients. This Christmas will either be really funny or end in fisticuffs, both of which I consider excellent options. I think I'm hoping for a bit of both. Now if I could just get my hands on the Whore teacup to take to work. By Trixiedelicious

Pretty things for the pretty girls in my life. The new range of MOR soaps are packaged so well, I don't really care what they smell like. (Ok I do, and thankfully they smell great) I wonder if packaging designers are aware of how they can make the actual product fairly irrelevant if the outside's fancy enough. Available here or at DJs and Myers.

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